When tales are shared of Machakos County and her new age exquisiteness, one cannot miss the mention of The Kyaka Hotel. A hospitality gem that effortlessly mirrors the traditional and contemporary delights abundant in Machakos.

The Kyaka Hotel exemplifies style and comfort with services tailored to meet the diverse expectations of leisure seekers as well as discerning needs of business travellers. Our aim is to excite, refresh and inspire you.

The Kyaka hotel is richly adorned with star rated quality, from an elaborate decor that lets modernity sit in perfect harmony with raw African authenticity; to a relaxing ambience complemented by a broad range of luxurious facilities:-

Your stay at the Kyaka Hotel enables you to relish a unique private experience that is comfortable and chic.  We have made efforts to guarantee guests of a warm and homey ambience with bespoke amenities and personalized services

The kyaka hotel…for your conference, work, play & stay

One of the surrounding hills is famous “Kyamwilu” It is located on Kaloleni Hill, 12 kms from Machakos town. It is here that vehicles and water defy Isaac Newton’s law of gravity to do reverse. You pour water on a marked part of the slope and instead of it flowing downwards; it climbs up with admirable ease. It is also on this hill that when you switch off your car engine and free the gears your vehicle climbs up the hill instead of rolling downwards!

The Ol Donyo sabuk national park is located about 85 km North East of Nairobi in Machakos. It has a mountain covered with forest and buffaloes are the dominant animals in the ecosystem. The park is also a home to bird species like bronze sun-bird, grey tit, ring-necked dove and others. Another site to visit in Machakos is a sacred tree with ‘breasts’ and a mythical hill that will change your sex if you go round it seven times.